Six iPhone X cases that you can buy under $50 and save some money

iPhone X cases to buy under $50

Whenever you buy a new smartphone the first thing you look for is to get a new case for it to protect it from dust and dirt. Though any case will cover your phone but if your mobile is heavy a price at AU$1,579 iPhone X then you certainly look for a case that is durable and protects every inch of your smartphone. If you have owned the latest iPhone or think of it in future here are the six iPhone X cases that you can buy under $50 and save you some money giving all the protection cover you want for your new device.

1. Cygnett Orbit

iPhone X cases- Cygnett Orbit

The Cygnett Orbit offers one of the best affordable iPhone X cases. There are total 16 types of cases starting from $29.95 for the plastic range and leather ones go above $40 range. You can buy the cases directly from Cygnett Orbit or from Harvey Norman or from JB HI FI.

2. UAG Pathfinder

iPhone X cases- UAG Pathfinder

UAG Pathfinder offer wide range of protective cases of iPhone X. Starting from AU$ 49 the range goes as high as $79. Most of the online stores are offering free shipping for these cases making it in budget. While the case looks like a beast, it doesn’t add a lot of weight to your iPhone but does provide excellent protection. It doesn’t quite give the screen the protection it needs, but you can be safe in the knowledge your corners will be resistant to any nasty drops. You can buy these cases at armorcasestore or from

3. Incipio DualPro

iPhone X cases- Incipio dual pro

With 21 different variety of cases Incipip offers the DualPro as it utilises two different materials to provide protection to your iPhone. One of Incipio’s cheapest cases, the Incipio is a perfectly serviceable case for $40 or less. It retains the slim form factor of the iPhone, protects the buttons and is easy to slip on and off. Not that you’ll need to, it is compatible with wireless charging so this is a set-and-forget proposition. The price range starts from AU$24.95 and goes up to $59.95. You can buy these cases from casestore or from mightyape.

4. Spigen Liquid Crystal

iPhone X cases- Spigen

Spigen’s liquid crystal iPhone X cover is the cheapest being priced at $19.99. This flexible shell provides a similar level of protection to other cases on this list and  you may find it even cheaper on eBay. Also you can buy at MobileZapp where it offers Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Case – Matte Black at AU$29.49

5. 3SIXT Jelly Case +

iPhone X cases- 3 Sixt

Here you will find iPhone Xcase that adds hardly any weight to your iPhone, the Jelly Case + is built from a soft, bendy material that protects the edges of your device. It’s only $24.95 AUD and although it’s not as durable as 3SIXT’s more expensive cases it still provides the protection you want at this price range. At Harvey Norman you can get 3SIXT Neo Case for iPhone X – Black which is quite good cover and costs AU$ 39.95

6. Moshi Vitros

iPhone X cases- Moshi Vitros

Moshi Vitros offers lot of the cases for iPhone X from cheap to costly. These covers are  slim shelled with military grade drop protection. Other Moshi products are quite minimalist and the edges of the Vitros are just raised enough to keep the screen off any surfaces you might plonk your iPhone onto and it. For just under $40, it’s a stylish, functional option. You can get these cases ranging from AU$39.95 to $89.95. Buy one from casestore or from eBay or Amazon that’s your choice.

Any other iPhone X cases you find are cheap but durable don’t forget to share.

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