10 iOS tricks you can you can do with Mail, Photos and Messages on your iPhone

iPhone Tricks

When you write a text as message or mail, click to photos you must have seen that you spend a lot of time tapping and swiping on your iPhone and that sometimes becomes frustrating too. Here are the 10 iOS tricks you can do with mail, photos and messages on your iPhone.

1. Moving Draft Mail and Saving it

When writing an email message in case you need to refer back to a message in your inbox. To move the draft you are currently writing out of the way, just swipe down it and it will sit at the bottom edge of your screen while you dig through your inbox, waiting to be tapped again so you can continue writing. You can save multiple drafts in the Mail app. To see all of your drafts, tap-and-hold the compose button in the lower-right corner.

2. Viewing Thumbnails of Photos

In the photo app when you view your photo you can hit the button in the upper-left corner to return to the thumbnail view of the photo’s album or collection. On a larger-screen iPhone, however, reaching for that button can be difficult when operating in one-hand mode. The trick to return to the thumbnail view is simply to swipe down on the photo.

3. Selecting photos to delete or share

It is tedious task to tap and tap on each photo to select them for deleting and sharing. A better way to select multiple photos is to tap the Select button in the upper-right corner, then drag your finger across rows of photos.

4. Move to top or bottom of an album

As with many apps, you can tap the top edge of the screen in the Photos app to return to the top of the album or collection you are viewing, which will take you to the oldest photos in the album or collection. Instead of scrolling your way to the bottom and the newest photos, just tap the bottom edge of the screen. It’s best to aim for the button of the current view so you don’t switch to another view by mistake. That is, hit the Photos button, for example, to return to the bottom of that view.

5. Just pinch to Zoom in on videos

Like you know you can pinch-to-zoom in on photos, same way you can also pinch-to-zoom in on videos if you want to take a closer look at one area of the frame.

6. Choose your scrubbing speed

With the Music or Podcasts app, you can drag the small vertical line on the timeline to move to a new spot in the podcast or song that’s playing. This movement is called scrubbing. To gain finer control over scrubbing, tap the vertical line and then move your finger up to go from hi-speed scrubbing to half-speed. A little further up gets you to quarter-speed and further still and you arrive at fine scrubbing. Choose a speed and without lifting your finger, you can now move to the left or right to scrub your video at precisely the speed you wish.

7. Moving a calendar event

You can drag an event to a new time or day from the day view of the Calendar app. To move an event, tap and hold it and drag it up or down to a new time on the current day or drag it to the left or right to move it to another day.

8. Hit C button for Calculator backspace button

Hi the “C” button on the Calculator app and you lose all of the digits of the number currently entered. If you entered just the last number incorrectly, you can delete it by swiping left or right on the number currently entered. Each swipe deletes the right-most digit.

9. Tricks with Safari tool bar

As you begin scrolling down a web page in Safari, the address bar at the top and toolbar at the bottom disappear to give you more reading room. You can swipe up to bring them back, but you can also just tap the bottom edge of the screen if you don’t want to move from your current position on the page you are viewing. If you want to return to a tab you recently closed in Safari, tap the button in the lower-right corner to view all of your open tabs and then tap-and-hold on the “+” button in the middle of the toolbar. This gesture calls up a list of your recently closed tabs.

10. Open image on Messages app and then continue with conversation

When returning to text conversation if you tap to open an image that someone texted you, you can swipe down on it to return to the conversation in the Messages app. It’s quicker than tapping on the image and then tapping done.

With these 10 easy to do tricks can help you save not only time but also you will work as  smart as your iPhone.

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