What is the easiest way to add widgets to the Today View on your iPhone?

Today View in iPhone

As you can add widgets on your iPhone with iOS 8 and above from the edit menu on the Today view page, there is even a quicker and simple way to get your widgets set up for viewing via a right swipe on the lock screen, a swipe right from the first home screen page, and a swipe down from center top everywhere else.

Now with the release of  iOS 12, there are widgets available for a lot of Apple’s stock apps and services, including Batteries, Calendar, Files, Find Friends, Mail, Maps, Music, News, Notes, Phone, Photos, Podcasts, Reminders, Screen Time, Shortcuts, Siri, Stocks, Tips, TV, and Weather even some of which have multiple widgets you could use.

Also there are hundreds of of third-party apps which have accompanying widgets, like Amazon, Coinbase, Fandango, Flipboard, Google, Halide, IFTTT, LinkedIn, News360, Outlook, Philips Hue, Pocket, Snapchat, Twitch, VSCO, Waze, and Yelp, to name just a few. There are even pokies games you can play right from a Today view widget.

The easiest way to add widgets to the Today View on your iPhone

Easiest way to add widgets to iPhone Today View

The faster and simple way to add widgets to the Today view on your iPhone is to utilize 3D touch instead of going to the edit page on the Today View page. 3D Touch is available on an iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, and XS Max as of now.

What you need to do is that on the home screen, just force-press on any app icon. If the app has a companion widget, it will appear above the quick actions, so you can view an app’s widget without having to go to the Today view screen. This will work on both Apple apps and third-party apps that have widgets.

If you like the widget enough, you can take things a step further by choosing the “Add Widget” option on this popup. This will add the app’s widget to the bottom of your Today view, accessible with a right swipe on the lock screen, a swipe right from the first home screen page, and a swipe down from center top everywhere else. To reorder the widgets, just hit “Edit” at the bottom of the page and drag them to the order you want.

Add Widget to Today View

“Add Widget” will include that widget to the bottom of the Today view.

Again, as just mentioned, in order to rearrange widgets in the Today view, you will need to visit its “Edit” option. Also, you cannot remove an app’s widget using the 3D Touch gesture on its app icon, so you’ll have to use the “Edit” menu for the Todayview to remove widgets as well.

About the Today View

The Today view is a quick, handy feature on your iPhone. The Today view in the Notification Center gives you an at-a-glance overview of the weather and your appointments for the day, along with a few other handy bits of information. By default, the Today view you can get the day, date, and weather forecast.

Also find Traffic conditions for routes you take frequently, such as going to work. You have to turn on Frequent Locations in the Settings app by tapping Privacy, tapping Location Services, and tapping System Services. It can take up to one month for your iPhone to learn your frequent locations and begin giving you traffic reports on the Today view.

Today View Widgets

Get events you have scheduled on the Calendar app.

Find Tasks that you put in Reminders for today as well as any from the past that haven’t been checked as completed. You only see Reminders with Remind Me On A Day activated.

Get current quotes for stocks, funds, indexes, or markets that you follow as defined in the Stocks app with a brief narrative of anything you have scheduled for the next day.

Today View Widgets

You can change which of these items you see in the Today view by doing the following:

Al you need is to Pull down from the top of the iPhone screen to open the Notification Center. Do this from the Home screen or an active app; you can’t edit the Today view from the Lock screen, although you can see it. Now Tap the Today tab at the top of the screen, if it isn’t active. Then Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Edit. A list of the default Today view items appears.

Today view Widget how to remove

Next Tap the Remove button (the minus sign in the red circle) to remove the app from the Today view  now tap the Remove button. The app is moved to the Do Not Include part of the list.

You can even Touch and drag the rearrange button to the right of Calendar, Reminders, or Stocks to change the order of appearance on the Today view.

Or Tap the Add button (the plus sign on the green circle) to move an app you removed back to Today view. Finally Tap Done and the Today view appears again. Finally press the Home button or swipe up to close the Notification Center.

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