What Are The Best Scratchies To Play On Your iPhone At Superior Casino?

Best scratchie to play

Playing scratchies is great fun at no-deposit online casinos. The fun is that you are given a small sum of money say a few dollars to play scratchies and if you are lucky you win hundreds or thousands of dollars instantly. One such Australian and New Zealand-friendly online iPhone casino is Superior casino that allows you to play instant scratchies. Isn’t this wonderful? Also, Superior casino offers various other no deposit offers like free spins and match deposit welcome bonus to play various other casino games like pokies, live casino and table games.

At the time of writing there were seven best scratchies to play at Superior casino.

All you need is to visit Superior online casino with your iPhone instantly by typing the casino site URL: https://superiorcasino.com/ on your web or Safari mobile browser and hit enter

Once the casino homepage loads on your gaming screen click on Play Now button or Register and open your casino account by filling in few of your personal details.

You needn’t deposit any real cash as your casino account will be funded with $20 no deposit bonus to play scratchies, If you face any issue you can contact the casino customer support for guidance via live chat, email, or phone.

Now go to the menu bar given above at the casino homepage and click on all games > then click on Speciality games.

Speciality games at Superior Casino

Here you will then find original Specialty Games, such as Vegas Jackpot Keno, Sudoku and scratchie games. These creative casino games can quickly multiply your balance and deliver jackpots up to $500,000!

Scratchie games at Superior Casino
Scratchie games at Superior Casino

The Seven best scratchies to play at Superior casino with $20 No Deposit bonus are Penguin Payday, Tiki Treasure, Gunslingers gold, Beach Bums, Pirates Pillage, Cast for cash and Itchin’2 Win.

Simply buy the scratch card you wish to play and get going. Most of the scratch card games cost as low as $0.01 and as high as $5.

Scratchies At Superior Casino

1. Penguin Payday

penguin payday
Penguin Payday

Penguin Payday powered by Rival gaming offers the penguins of the frozen arctic that are quirky, lovable, and playful, they’re hunting for a fishy snack while they watch over all the treasures and coins they’ve hoarded secretly. Well now’s your chance to help the penguins catch their fishy snacks in return for some major rewards (if you’re lucky enough to satiate their appetites, that is) in this fun scratch-and-win game. Simply click on “New Card” to get started and scratch the card to reveal hidden symbols. What are you waiting for It’s officially time to slip and slide into some icy fun with your cute penguin pals.

  • Select your bet size using the coin selector at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “New Card.”
  • Scratch the card to reveal the hidden symbols, or simply select “Reveal” to reveal all the hidden symbols on the card.
  • Find at least three symbols of the same value to win!
  • The player cannot start a new card until they have revealed enough symbols to show that their card has won or lost. Symbols may need to be scratched completely for the “New Card” button to become active. If the “New Card” button does not become active, the player should select the “Reveal” button to reveal the entire card.

The top-payout is a whopping 80X multiplier of your bet, so cross your fingers that the penguins are feeling generous. A $2 bet could turn into a $160 penguin payday.

2. Tiki Treasure

Tiki Treasure
Tiki Treasure

Powered by Rival gaming Tiki Treasure is a scratch and win game. The goal of this game is to scratch and reveal three matching symbols to win the specified prize!

The first step in a Scratch & Win game is selecting your bet size. When you’ve selected your bet size, click the “New Card” button to purchase a new card. You then use your mouse to scratch and reveal the hidden prizes on the card by clicking on the card and dragging your mouse. Alternatively, you can click the Reveal button to reveal the entire card.

If you find at least 3 symbols of the same value you win!

The bet size for each card can be chosen using the coin selector at the bottom of the screen. Each card is purchased using one coin. The win amount is multiplied by the selected coin size for all winning cards.

Once you have purchased a new card, start scratching the card by clicking and holding the mouse button on the card as you move the cursor in a scratching motion. There are 6 (six) symbols to be revealed on the card. As you reveal symbols, counters will show up on the right hand side of the screen to keep track of how many symbols you’ve scratched. Once 3 winning (matching) symbols, or all 6 losing (unmatched) symbols appear, the game is over. You purchase a new card to continue playing.

3. Gunslingers Gold

Gunslingers gold
Gunslingers Gold

Gunslinger’s Gold is an instant win scratch card developed by Rival Gaming. It is a very animated scratch card game with a wide range of bets available to players. Gunslinger’s Gold is a wild west-themed scratch card. It is in the form of a 2×3 grid, meaning you have six panels to uncover. The background of the game is animated, with a cowboy chewing on some straw and his horse with his head sticking out of the fence, blinking at you.

To win at Gunslinger’s Gold, you must match three or more symbols. To play, click the “New Card” button (in the form of a sheriff’s gold star) and you will start a fresh scratch card. Take your mouse and click on the card, moving around the card as if your cursor is the coin you are scratching with. As you scratch, you will hear a scratching sound effect. A cowbell will sound for every value you have revealed. For each value you uncover, a man will appear in a column on the paytable at the right. Having three men in a row means you win!

4. Beach Bums

beach bums
Beach Bums

Grab your sunglasses and slap on some sunscreen because you’re going to need it when you make waves in this beachside scratch-and-win game by Rival! Check out the bikini-clad babe and the board-short-wearing bros displaying their good looks under the bright hot summer sun. With scratch card symbols like sandals, shovels and pails, beach balls, starfish, coconut drinks and shell, you’ll feel like you’re on a summer vacation at a luxury beach resort. To cash in on all the summer fun, click “New Card” to get started and then reveal what’s hidden underneath each of the six squares.

Let your virtual scratch card transport you to a tropical beach vacation with a couple of blonde surfers. Each Beach Bum card contains six icons concealed under wooden boards; scratch away the surface to reveal sea shells, beach balls, flip flops, star fish and sand pails. Three sea shells will get you 50X your bet.

5. Pirates Pillage

pirates pillage
Pirates Pillage

There is loot and plunder aplenty in Pirate’s Pillage, a scratchies at Superior Casino game from Rival of truly epic sea-faring proportions! You’ll be testing your luck and scratching to win all the treasures, gems, and artifacts ol’ Davey Jones’ Locker has to offer – with symbols including Rum Bottles, Spy Glasses, Compasses, Coins, Chalices, and Golden Bars. So hoist the sails, raise the skull and bones, and do your captain proud by trying Pirate’s Pillage. Just be careful the crew doesn’t end up making you walk the plank!

6. Cast for Cash

cast for cash
Cast for cash

Cast for Cash is one of the very latest sea themed scratchies at Superior Casino from Rival. Like other scratchies games things begin with bet selection. This differs from classic scratch cards because you actually have a choice.

You can make your betting selection by toggling the arrow buttons left of right. This changes bets between between 0.01 to $100, which pretty much covers all eventualities. You must then press ‘New Card’ to receive, well you guessed it, a new card.

Each card begins life with a fresh silver foil coating that you’ll need to scratch off to reveal 9 icons in a 3×3 grid. You can do this manually or press the reveal button to do it automatically. At this stage you’ll need to hope for 3 matching icons to receive the prize shown.

Cast for Cash combines scratch cards with a relaxing fishing trip. Sit on the lake with your line in the water, as you scratch the eight fish silhouettes. Underneath are five different types of fish and a hopping frog. The biggest fish of all is a largemouth bass. See if you can reel in three of those suckers for a 50X payout.

The paytable is a pop-up box that shows all the potential winning combinations in one place. These range from 1x for 3 goldfish icons, up to 50x for 3 bigmouth bass logos.

7. Itchin’2 Win

itchin 2 win
Itchin 2 win

Itchin 2 Win from Rival is centered around a sloppy man with a filthy apartment who has an uncontrollable itch that he just can’t seem to scratch. It is a fun and easy to play scratch card – simply buy a new card and use the mouse cursor to click and lightly scratch the targeted “itchy spots” on the poor guy to reveal and win! If you “scratch his back” he’ll scratch yours and reward you with coins.

If a knight and horse are too fancy for your tastes, Itchin’ 2 Win could give you the casual and comical scratch card experience you crave. Peer into a basement that’s littered with empty pizza boxes, apple cores, and has a computer that’s continuously playing Solitaire. In exchange for a chance to win prizes, you’ve got to scratch the basement-swelling bachelor’s itch. Six itch points are highlighted on him, so scratch those points, and payouts will be revealed. Match three and win their value.

Now enjoy these seven instant scratchies at Superior casino and try your luck to win.

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