Tricks that ensure best use of your iPhone

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We all get accustomed to using the bare essentials of our smartphones without considering any extras that could make its use so much easier. If we took the time to look more closely, we will find that there is a plethora of useful tricks on offer. Here follows some of the most useful things to explore.

Create Web bookmarks fast

When you discover something on the Web, you can store it quickly and easily. Mail to Self enables sending yourself an email with the URL. Once it’s in your inbox, you can add it to a to-do list.

Never forget a number

Use Siri to define a contact’s relationships to you. You do this by telling it “Hilda Smit is my wife,” or “Dora Williams is my hairdresser.” Once Siri makes the association, you can make a call by saying “text my wife,” or “call the plumber,” without any name.

Fall asleep to music

Most people associate the iPhone’s timer function with a wakeup alarm, but the Clock app has an option for the iPhone to stop playing media at a certain time. This “sleep” function can help you fall asleep to music or movies. (It even works with media on the YouTube app.)

Stretch your iPhone’s power

If you engage your iPhone’s low power mode early and often, you can make your battery run for much longer than it currently does. Low power mode automatically shuts down all those energy-hogging applications and processes, like email pushing, background app refresh, and snazzy visual effects. When the phone goes below 20% battery life, iOS prompts users to turn the feature on anyway, giving them a boost of up to three more hours of battery life.

Replace dialing with talking

Most of us enter phone numbers by tapping buttons on the touchscreen. Now you can have Siri do it for you. Just hold down the home button and when the digital assistant appears, say the number you want to dial.

Now life with your iPhone has become even easier. After all, a smartphone is supposed to be smart, right or wrong?


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