Top 10 iPhone New Games to Play Now

Top 10 iPhone new games to play now

iPhone new games to play now are very fantastic games. As iTunes has hundreds of new games released each month, many new games apps are either free games or you need to pay a small sum to buy them. Here find 10 such iPhone new games to play now and most of them are free to play. They might have though in app purchases to buy more free credits to play more. You can download these top 10 iPhone new games to play now from the link provided below each brief of the game.

1. SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

SpongeBob the new game app has a rating of 4.6 at app stores. Join SpongeBob SquarePants on a hilarious culinary adventure through the restaurants and kitchens of Bikini Bottom! When Mr. Krabs realizes there’s more money to be earned in the fast-food business, the penny-pinching entrepreneur sets out to expand his restaurant empire starting with a breakfast stand outside of SpongeBob’s house.

Create your own Bikini Bottom kitchen, decorate and customize your restaurant, and get ready to serve up delicious food to your guests! In this fast-food cooking game, put your time management skills to the test and experience the crazy cooking action of the SpongeBob universe. Fire up the grill and get ready to cook!

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2. Wordy word

Wordy word

This Word game will help you to relax while keeping your mind sharp. The Wordy is the best game to relieve stress when solving exciting puzzles. You can find the words within the category topic and you can put the word together only using adjacent letters. If you find the correct word, it will appear on the answer board. Each successfully fined word brings you closer to the victory If you can’t find all the words from the proposed letters, you will have to restart the level. The difficulty will increase with each new level of the game.

There are 10 categories covering various topics and has over 500 levels of varying difficulty.

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3. Zombie Sweeper

Zombie Sweeper

Zombie Sweeper is a defense action game which keeps off the surging zombies from left and right. You can kill zombies by touching left and right on the screen according to their coming timing. If you touch wrongly due to missing of the timing, you will be under the dangerous situation because of an attack delay.   There are 45 types of various weapons, 15 types of unusual special weapons and you will find various kinds of zombies’ dying actions.

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4. My Cat – Attract Wealth

My Cat - Attract Wealth

In this cute game app you need to take care of all cute cats here and start enjoying your day! You can unlock cats to win game rewards. As there are collection of cats with different meanings and different cats represent different wishes, expressing the everlasting hope of human beings for happiness, contentment, and good luck.

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 5. Merge Plane

Merge Plane

Merge Plane  is a great iPhone game app where you will find  to play against with other players to win fantastic rewards!

There are more than 50+ kinds of plane in this idle game. Merge plane to upgrade and fly to earn money. Also some rare planes are waiting for you to collect. Here your planes fly automatically. You can get money even when you are offline. This game app is not free and you have to get a weekly subscription after three days of free trial.

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6. Stick Super: Hero

Stick Super: Hero

In this superhero game app you will find a heroic stock character, typically possessing supernatural or superhuman powers, who is dedicated to fighting the evil of their universe, protecting the public, and battling super-villains. A female superhero is sometimes called a superheroine, although the word superhero is also commonly used for females.

Every superhero has a battle. Something that drives them to be the person they are. That gives them not just a want to help people, but a reason why.

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7. Katana Master

Katana Master

Wield the power of the katana in this new casual action game. As you face opponents in increasingly difficult levels, you only have the power of timing at your disposal. Time your taps for the optimum level of attack, and watch it unfold in powerful multi-hit attacks.

You’ll also have some powerups at the side too, which you can avail for a few seconds of ads. These come in very handy as you go through the bosses which, from the beginning, will be difficult to beat without them.

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8. Dynasty Heroes

Dynasty Heroes

Dynasty Heroes is a free-to-play digital collectible card game based on the background of the Chinese Three Kingdoms period. Different from complicate battles of other card games, DH stands out from the rest by focusing on the idea of One Hit or Nothing.

This magnificent period was one of the bloodiest in Chinese history. The Han royal house declined when the eunuchs abused the sovereign and officials subverted the government. With a huge peasant uprising which called “Yellow Turban Rebellion” break out in China, a whole dynasty was ripped by warlords.

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9. DOP: Draw One Part

DOP: Draw One Part

Don’t let this game’s simplistic graphics deceive you. At the heart of it lies a deeply entertaining puzzler that you can either breeze through or leave you scratching your head. As its title suggests, all you have to do is draw one part, completing the 2D pictures, and making it through the level. While the first few levels are easy enough, there will be a few that will test how well you know about the ordinary objects around us.

As always with free games, there may be a few ads to sit through, but they’re sparse enough to still enjoy the game’s over 200 levels.  Unique gameplay brings you a cunning combination of logical puzzles and drawing. Fun and education for all ages- expand your general outlook with different riddles.

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10. Rumble Hockey

Rumble Hockey

From the makers of Rumble Stars Football, Frogmind Games leaps at the opportunity of bringing another anthropomorphic take on a popular sport. Not all that far from their football counterpart, it’s the same mechanics of working the puck around the field with your talented animal team to score goals against your opponent.

Here you play against players from around the World in real-time Hockey battles. Master fun and unique physics-based gameplay. Use skill and make clever combos to outwit your opponents. Earn chests to unlock rewards and collect new epic Rumblers. Join & create Clubs, chat with others and work together to rise in the ranks. Also watch the best players on RumbleTV and learn new tactics

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