Three Best Ways To Clean Your iPhone’s Charging Port

Three Best Ways To Clean Your iPhone’s Charging Port

iPhone’s charging port can get dirt if you don’t wipe your iPhone and clean it regularly. Many a times on travel or at some place where this some dust and grit on the charging surface and points, iPhone charging ports get dusty and may not work all smooth. You must have seen iPhone users blowing the dust out of this port before plugin their charger to fill the battery in iPhone.  Without the juice in iPhone its all dead piece of box leaving you disconnected with your family and friends.

This means you have to clean your iPhone’s charging port. If things are still under your control then  no need to rush to your nearest apple store to get it fixed. All you need is to follow these three best ways to clean your iPhon’e charging port and if still the problem of charging the phone persists then you may head forward for the repair.

Before you start with it remember to go the room with your iPhone which is full with bright light.  Even standing at the window sill where sunlight shines also will do. Or ask some one to hold a flashlight towards the port so that you can see it clearly. This is because the port is a tiny hole but with tiny little charging pins and you don’t want to break those pins and make things worse. Therefore light is must to see things clearly.

Next the things with which you will clean is required. Many do it with pins, some prefer toothpick and few do it with cotton buds.  This is entirely upto you but you need to be careful a pins might damage the electronic pins in there

Make sure you do not put any chemicals or cleaning supplies onto the material and into the port as this could cause internal damage.

Lastly you have to have patience in doing it. Don’t rush things in the port without patience. Do it slowly and you will be able to clean it within moments.

1. Clean with cotton or paper towel

Clean your charging port of mobile with cotton

According to Will Manuel, CEO of Core Media Concepts. a paper towel (or q-tip or cotton round) and “rolling the corner” so that it creates a tip that is “gentle, nonabrasive, and most importantly, dry.”

  • Locate a paper or cotton product—anything that can be rolled or is small enough to enter the port
  • Insert the tip into the port
  • Making sure to get all edges, carefully move it around the port
  • Reinsert the charger cable into the port

Manuel asserts that jiggling the paper around will allow debris and dust to cling to the material or fall out of the port, freeing up the smaller connection pieces that the iPhone needs to recognize in order to charge.

2. Clean with Pin or needle

How to clean your iPhone's charging port

Cleaning with Pin or needle is risky if you are not patient as you can potentially scrape and damage the sensitive touch points inside the port. According to Stewart McGrenary, of iPad-Recycle, iPhone owners, shuldn’t be too aggressive. Try and find places where the dirt has possibly built up and remove it. Even if you knock any dirt loose and then shake your phone afterward.”

  • Locate a small pin, paperclip, or needle
  • Carefully insert the thin metal into the port
  • With extreme care, jiggle the point inside the port to loosen dirt or debris
  • Reinsert the charger cable into the port

3. Clean with compressed air method

Best way to clean your iphon's charging port

To clean your iPhone’s charging port with compressed air method is safest method. As it will not damage the pins settled inside the port.

According to Dr. Vikram Tarugu, a medical professional and CEO of Detox in South Florida The port comprises fragile touch points—tiny metal lines—onto which the charging cable will attach,” “If the contact points are damaged the charger will not work at all, regardless of how much you try to clean it. This indicates a can of compressed air is among the best solutions.”

Locate a can of compressed air

Hold the can upright (careful not stick the nozzle in the port or hold it too close to the port itself)

Press down on the nozzle and spray the air in “brief, light bursts.”

Wait a few seconds after the last burst

Reinsert the charger cable into the port

He also further adds to resist the urge to blow yourself into the port: Wet, hot air from the human mouth will not any favors to the port and its points of contact. While blowing sharply into the port may be your first urge, it can truly do more harm than good.

Commercial websites like Amazon suggests many products that come handy in cleaning your iPhone’s charging port like cotton balls, toothpicks, phone soap, electronic kit to clean iPhone and others which you can use to clean your iPhone.

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