The Snap Chat App has more to do- Try these Amazing 10 Tricks

Snap Chat App

Are you addictive to the iPhone Apps? How about the Snapchat app! Available at iTunes for free this app can use besides English 21 other languages.

You must have only used Snap Chat to check your friends’ feeds and uploading your snaps. But there are 10 amazing tricks that will really make you addicted to this app. Here are the following tricks of your hands on this app to take full advantage of it.

1. Emoji Characters

Emoji Snap Chat

These days everyone is having a craze for Emojis.  To make a huge big Emoji “type” the one you want to use and hit the “T” symbol in the upper right corner. Then applying the two fingers together zoom in and out the emoji.

2. Who is looking at your Snaps?

Snap Chat Stories

If you want to know who exactly has been looking at your snaps ‘Tap’ on your story and you’ll see an eyeball with a number next to it. Tap on that eyeball and you’ll get a drop-down list with the names of all your followers who saw it.

3. Tap to see the Stories

Snap Chat Stories

You no longer have to hold down on a story or individual snap to view it. Instead, just tap with your finger. You can still hit the screen to skip a story and move onto the next one. If you want to exit a story simply swipe down.

4. Switch Cameras

You can at the time of capturing snaps, or filming videos, switch the camera from rear to front-facing, and vice-versa, as and when you feel like. Get ready now to create videos of your face by swapping between the cameras.

5. Add paragraphs and write multiple lines

Camera Photo with Multiple Lines

Now no need to stop your feelings of expressions with only limited words or lines. With Snapchat you will find ample space to multiply your messages by adding paragraphs to the snaps or your stories.

6. Create your own Geofilter

Geo Filter

With your creative mind set and a bit of ideas you can create your own geofilter. Geofilters are location-driven unique overlays that you can apply to the selected pictures, and raise the fun quotient.

7. Real-time video chatting

Real Time Video Chatting

You can call up your Snapchat contacts for a video call using this fun feature. The best part is the deletion of all shared messages automatically once you leave the chat window.

8. Skip the Dull Stories


It is not necessary that you have to listen and watch to all the stories. You can skip the boring ones and jump to other stories which may have life in them.

9. Make Money Transactions


With the money transfer features you can make transactions on the go. In a way, the debit card exchanges are made easy by Snapchat, as you can link your personal accounts with debit cards, and transmit the money whenever required. If the recipient fails to receive the intended amount, it will be refunded to the original sender.

10. Discover hidden colors

Hidden Colors

By dragging your finger from the rainbow color options box to various corners of your phone’s screen, you can discover shades like black, white, and pink  all of which are hidden to iPhone users.

Any other trick?

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