The New Widgets in iOS 10 You Wish to Know

New Widgets

Widgets are simple snippets of information you can look at.  Apple’s forthcoming iOS 10 update on widgets make it more accessible and useful, as they are available not only on a device’s lock screen, but also on the home screen’s Siri search.

Widget to iOS 10 lock screen

iOS 10 Lock Screen has completely changed  Now you can swipe to the left to view your widgets. Using this same gesture, you can view widgets to the left of your main home screen on an unlocked device.

Add Widgets

On an iPhone, a single column is put on display, and on iPad now there are two columns of widgets. You can edit the left and right side, or the single column but scrolling to the bottom of your widgets and tapping on Edit.

Select the green “+” icon to add a widget, or the red “-” to remove one. Tap and hold on the three lined icon to put your respective widgets in order.

When you attempt to view a widget where personal information can come into play, such as the Activity widget, you will need to place your finger on the home button to unlock your device.

You need not have to  actually press the home button to open the home screen. With your device unlocked, information like in the ‘Activity’ or ‘Find My Friends’ will fill in.

Widget to 3D Touch enabled devices

Add Widgets

Beyond iOS 10 widgets hiding just off the left side of your screen, apps that have been updated for iOS 10 can now show a widget when you Force Touch on its icon.

Pressing on an app icon reveals the standard shortcuts, plus a widget regardless of whether or not you’ve added it to your curated list in the Today View.

If you haven’t added a particular widget but want to, you can tap on the “Add widget” button when viewing it.

What all you can do with the widgets

Add Widgets

While viewing your widgets, you will notice a button in the top-right corner of some widgets that says “Show more.” When you select that it will expand the widget. You will find widgets like the Calendar widget, and can see more of your upcoming agenda, whereas the Weather widget will show you the week’s forecast along with current conditions.

Any other functions do share.


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