The Innovative New Bing App on iPhone- Superior Search with Attractive Background

Bing App

Most of you must know that Microsoft had launched Bing in 2009. While Google Search is still number one to catch the eye of the user; this Bing App too has its own advantages.  The App prominently makes some wild guesses and voice search features as soon you start something to look for.

Lately Microsoft has launched New Bing iPhone App. It has the same beautiful background images that have daily something new to offer but also you should be able to see a list of results take action using apps on your phone. Powering this in the background is Microsoft’s Knowledge and Action Graph API, which is also available to third-party app developers. The Graph already contains “over 21 billion associated facts, 18 billion links to key actions and over 5 billion relationships between entities,” according to Microsoft.

Bing App Screen

Features of the App

  • Tell Bing what you are looking for with voice-activated search, even addresses, when you need to be hands-free.
  • See what your friends like on Facebook and easily share images, articles, apps, deals, and more
  • Get travel deals, airfare price predictions, and flight information
  • Find and watch videos from Hulu, ABC, MSN, and YouTube
  • Find out what deals, shops, restaurants, and much more are near you
  • See movie ratings, read reviews, watch trailers, and get info about where and when it’s playing so you can pick the perfect flick
  • Get walking, transit, and driving directions with current traffic conditions and maps
  • Scan and search using Bing Vision using your phone’s camera. Scan barcodes, Microsoft Tags, or QR codes and Bing will instantly return product information to help you research before you buy -Bing Vision can also recognize cover art from books, CD, DVDs, and video games

As an example suppose you search John Murphy’s Song “Sunshine”you’ll be able to play the video, as you can in the Google search app, but also see lyrics and app icons for iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon in case you want to purchase the song or open it in another app.

A mobile phone’s location awareness plays a key role in the app. In fact, the first button below the main search button is Near Me, which, when tapped, offers logical choices like Breakfast (or Lunch or Dinner, depending on the time), Gas, Groceries, Bars, Cinemas, Parks, and so on. Choose one of these, and you see a map that moves based on the result at the top of the list as you scroll down.

With Google search app, you can search using your voice, and use the iPhone’s camera to get QR and barcode results. Getting to what you need in the new interface is much more streamlined compared with the earlier search app.

You can have this app for free at iTunes App Store.

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