The six solid tricks to get a prefect selfie with your iPhone

iPhone Selfie tricks

‘Hey Siri!’, “take a selfie” and with your touch of the hand your iPhone unlocks and opens up the front camera for the click you want to get. But what to do your selfie is seldom noticed when you post on social media site like Facebook or Instagram. With hundreds of selfies already uploaded in these sites you need to have a perfect selfie to be appreciated among all the snaps. Here are six solid tricks to get a prefect selfie with your iPhone.

1. Have camera shutter remote do the job

You have been taking selfies  making your best pose with the timer set to camera but now with a camera shutter remote you do not need a timer to set your natural look in the snap.

All you need is a remote like Muku Shuttr, that is small and lightweight, and can be easily attached to your keychain and used any time you need to take a photo with your mobile device. Once set on the phone enable Bluetooth, and take your selfie away from almost any distance within seconds.

2. Light plays a great role in selfies

Remember your childhood studio photo; how the big lights were blown on your face before the camera was clicked. Light can make a good photo and even destroy a photo if not used wisely and in perfect manner. For your iPhone you do not need any expensive but affordable external phone light like the Enfanr Portable Mini LED light   for your self portraits that really make a difference.

It is better to have a light source with its own battery so you don’t have to keep it constantly attached to your phone in order for it to work. Using a stand-alone selfie light also means you can adjust with lighting angles to see what works best, or get weird and creative with your lighting.

3. Use mirrored screen protector

Having a  mirrored screen protector is a much better solution for taking perfect selfies.

Certain screen mirrors like the Glam Screen act as a mirror when the screen is dark or completely off, while functioning like a regular phone screen protector while it’s in use. You can use the screen to check out your appearance, touch up your makeup, and practice your favorite poses before snapping your selfie.

4. Have a cliquefie for your iPhone

Cliquefie, resembles a selfie stick, which is sleek and fits into almost any bag or personal style. While the Cliquefie’s primary function is to be used like a classic selfie stick, the device has plenty of other uses. A wireless Bluetooth remote (that snaps onto to the device when you’re done with it) allows you to set up your Cliquefie and shoot without causing shaking when you press the buttons, while tripod legs extend from the bottom of the Cliquefie to stabilize your perfect selfie. Isn’t this unique and traditional.

5. Have creative external lenses

You must have seen on social media sites selfies taken with external lenses. Typically these images are shot with wide angle, macro, or fisheye lenses as most bundles online will come with these three standard lenses, but there are plenty of other uncommon lenses that shoot in creative, strange ways.

Urban Outfitters recently rolled out some funky phone photography lenses including the Fly Eye Phone Lens which is made to warp and multiply certain portions of a picture. Made from sturdy aluminum, the Fly Eye simply clamps onto your phone’s front or back camera to turn any selfie into something unique.

Just make sure when you’re looking for external lenses specifically for selfies that you stay away from magnetic lenses. While these can be great for shooting landscapes or scenery, they have a hard time staying on if you’re swinging your arm around for self portraits. It’s better to get lenses that clamp or screw on with a case so you don’t run the risk of breaking your gear.

6. Download photo editing apps

From Afterlight and VSCO, to A Color Story are among the hunderds of photo editing apps available to download. You need to select the photo editing app according to your need and requirement.

Like some may prefer vibrant, details photos, or black and white feel or young people may like to add in little stickers and emojis to their selfies. So you need to have that photo editing tool which you want your portrait to be filtered with saturation, shadows, fading and colors of your choice

Such Photo editing apps are a great way to get creative with your selfies and make them look unique and out of the box.

These 6 solid tricks will certainly make your friends say ‘Wow’ to your Selfies..Now just click

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