Six new apps to learn new hobby, build great personality, enjoy shows and more

Six new apps to learn new hobby, build great personality, enjoy shows and more in 2018

As new year 2018 has set in you have new hopes, aspirations to learn something new and enjoy the year with fun and happy moments. There are many apps available at the app store to cater to your needs but lately Apple has launched many new apps that will really be worth downloading it on your iPhone. Here are six new apps to learn new hobby in music, build your personality and enjoy new shows and stories to entertain yourself in 2018.

1. HabitMinder

Habitminder app

HabitMinder is a fee app available at app store that focuses on helping you build healthier habits for your body and mind. The app covers all sorts of habits, like getting more exercise, eating better, or getting better at telling the people in your life how much you appreciate them. With simple navigation all you need is pick a habit or create a custom one, set a goal, set which days of the week you’d like to perform this habit, and you’re good to go. You can track three habits for free, after which you’ll need to purchase Unlimited tasks which costs $0.49 per month for a subscription or $4.99.  You need iOS 10.0 or later compatible device to run this app all smooth.

2. Fender Play

Fender Play App

If you want to learn as how to play the guitar this new year then find experts at Fender to give you hundreds of available video lessons. Made for players of any skill level, Fender Play asks you to choose between acoustic and electric, then pick a genre that you’d like to learn such as rock, blues, or folk. The courses that you’re presented with are tailored to help you learn your chosen genre with your chosen instrument. Also you can track your progress over time, with breakdowns of chords learned, skills acquired, and techniques mastered. Fender Play offers you free for a month to explore the app then there is a subscription service, and the app’s latest update lets you subscribe through iTunes for AU$13.99 per month. Also the app requires iOS9.0 and above compatible device.

3. Eko Presents

Eko presents app

Eko is an interactive media platform that lets viewers shape stories as they are told. Eko gives viewers unprecedented control over live-action narratives, harnessing the storytelling power of film and the deep engagement of gaming to re-define the future of digital entertainment. Watch episodes, and choose the actions different characters take and how others respond to those actions. You can stream episodes at any time, or download them for offline viewing. This app is all free and requires iOS 9.0 compatible device.

4. Mosaic

Mosaic app

Mosaic is US oriented app but you can enjoy this HBO presented new film experience from Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh, starring Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Jennifer Ferrin, Paul Reubens, Devin Ratray, Frederick Weller, and Beau Bridges. In Mosaic as in life, the path you pick affects your perception of reality. What one viewer may consider a fundamental fact on one path may be an insignificant piece of trivia on another — or may not even be a ’fact’ at all. As its title suggests, Mosaic isn’t complete until all the pieces are viewed in their proper perspective. This app is all free to download and requires iOS9.0 compatible device.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly app

If you want to improve your writing skill in 2018 then this new app might  be of help as with the keyboard active, Grammarly checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The keyboard will also offer synonyms for words that you use often, and will help you improve your vocabulary. Each correction comes with a short explanation for its inclusion so you can understand the mistakes you’re making and avoid them in the future. Grammarly makes it clear when your spelling has been autocorrected so you can see if something has been corrected that shouldn’t have been. This app is also all free to download at app store and requires iOS 9.3 or later devices.

6. Oh she glows

Oh she glows app

Interested in learning cooking and baking then this new app is must for you in 2018. Enjoy over 95 mouth-watering plant-based recipes, including more than 75 gluten-free recipes. There are many exclusive app recipes not shared anywhere else. Be sure to unlock the free recipe bundles on the bundles page, including a brand new Cookie Lover’s holiday bundle. The Oh She Glows Recipe App will continually have new recipes added to it; each recipe that’s published on will also be uploaded to the app. Search for recipes by keyword, filter by dietary restrictions, and cross off ingredients as you use them so you don’t lose your place. Create a favorites list that you can come back to again and again for great dishes, and download recipes so you can use them wherever you go. This app is not free and costs AU$ 3.99 to download and is compatible with iOS 9.0 and later phones.

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