Know the iPhone keyboard hack and other tricks that will give you more precision when dealing with text boxes and other stuff

iPhone hacks

iPhone is obviously loaded with lots of features. If you are the one who type lots of texts to your friends, business colleagues or any one and you get annoyed when you make a mistake and you can’t quite get the cursor where you want by tapping the screen with your finger then this hack is for you. Though this is a less known hack with which you can unlock a hidden iPhone mouse giving you more precision when dealing with text boxes. Also this hack was highlighted long time back about a year ago but very few iPhone users know about it. Here you will find this hack and other wonderful tricks that you can do with your iPhone.

The hidden track pad

Apple iPhones with 3D touch have a hidden track pad inside the keyboard. Press and hold your finger on the keyboard until it disappears, then simply slide your finger around the screen and the cursor will follow, exactly like a trackpad on a Macbook.

You’ll need to have an iPhone 6s or newer to be able to access the hack but the little trick can prove useful and you’ll actually be able to drop the cursor in the middle of words.

iPhone hacks

Get accurate signal reading

There are plenty of other so-called hidden features on your iPhone like you to get an accurate signal reading, you can change your settings to temporarily show you a signal reading in numbers rather than bars.

  • All you need is to Dial *3001#12345#* on your iPhone then press Call to enter Field Test mode.
  • In the top left of your screen you’ll see a number between 0 and -100, which represents your exact signal strength, with zero meaning perfect signal and -100 indicating terrible signal.

Turn off red bubble notifications

Similarly to turn off red bubble notifications if they are annoying to you then simply do the following:

  • Go to Settings > Notifications to turn off the red bubbles, called Badge Icons, for good.
  • Shake to undo a mistake

As in Android phones it is the easy-to-reach undo button, on iPhones, there isn’t a back button — but you can undo a texting mistake by shaking your phone from side to side. Just go to the Settings app > General > Accessibility > Shake to Undo to choose between turning this feature on and off.

Use the built-in spirit level

Also use the built-in spirit level. Many people have no idea that their phone has an accurate spirit level hidden in an app nobody uses. Open the Compass app and swipe left to start levelling.

iPhone headphones act as camera

You can take photos with your headphones

If tapping the phone to take your photos is leaving you with blurry pics, this may help. Plug in your headphones and click the volume buttons to start snapping away without touching the screen.

Hide your private photos

iPhones have a handy hidden album feature, where you can tuck away those photos best left unseen.

  • Tap and hold on the picture you wish to hide, and an action menu will appear.
  • Press Hide and then confirm by pressing Hide Photo to move it to the Hidden album, which will appear (without a thumbnail) under Albums.

Hidden photos won’t crop up in photo collections and can be unhidden by tapping and holding again.

Adjust your iPhone screen

Double tap on the home button to bring the top of your screen down to the halfway point, making it much easier to reach your apps.

Take stills while filming

If you’re filming a magical moment, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be taking snaps at the same time. While videoing, press the white circle in the bottom corner of the screen to take photos with the camera still rolling.

Hide message previews

If you hate people looking over your shoulder every time a new message flashes up, then this is for you.

Just head to  Settings>Notifications>Messages you can switch off the Show Preview option to give yourself that little bit of extra privacy.

Generate random passwords

The safest passwords are generated at random, making them almost impossible for hackers to guess. Ask Siri to generate a random password next time you make a new account: you can even specify how many characters you want. With new iOS11 you can even text Siri and command.

Now uses these tricks and find your self how efficient the phone works when followed by these smart hacks and tips.

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