How to unlock iPhone iOS10 without touch ID or home button

iPhone- Unlock without home button

Those who are familiar with iOS 10 you all know that it has lots of new features which are a great help. You know earlier unlocking the iPhone was done by simple swiping from left on the screen. But with updates on iOS new things have been evolved for waking the iPhone and unlocking it. Most of you still use the way to wake the phone by either pressing the power button or raising your device in 6S or 7 versions of iPhone and then press the home button to unlock and reach your home screen.

But this way of unlocking the iPhone adds more stress to the home button that may cause additional wear and tear on the only moving part on the phone. Also if your home button is broken or not functional, then unlocking the iPhone can be a nightmare.

So here find the simple way to unlock your iPhone iOS10 device without touch ID or home button but with traditional way that is with the passcode

Simply go to Settings then tap on General and go to Accessibility

Next find Assistive Touch under the heading Interactions and turn it on

iPhone settings- Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch is a virtual shortcut button that will pop up on your iPhone screen. Unlike the hardware home button, you can do a lot done with this virtual home button with many options to customize.

Once you turn on the Assistive Touch, hitting the virtual button brings many options from access notifications panel.

Call Siri to press the virtual home button. Also  you can go to the customization option and reduce the number of icons to one and choose home button as the one. Now, when you tap on the Assistive Touch button, it will work as a home button instead of a shortcut that leads you to other features.

iPhone settings

Next lock your phone and wake it up and tap the virtual home button. You will be directly taken to the Passcode screen without even touching the physical home button.

In the iPhone 7 you will find that it doesn’t actually have any moving parts in the Home Button so you aren’t really pressing anything, you just push harder and Apple uses a vibration to make it feel like you pressed a button. So if you want to avoid home button but want to unlock with Touch ID  here is what you need to do

You can turn off the requirement to press the Home button to unlock your iPhone and it’s really easy if you know where to look for the setting.

Open the Settings app and go to General > Accessibility, then scroll down to the fourth group and tap Home Button. Toggle the bottom setting, Rest Finger to Open, so that it’s enabled (green).

iPhone 7 settings

So you can open iPhone with Touch ID, without having to press the Home button.

Now try using these options to unlock your iPhone and see the difference for yourself.

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