How to Take Photos Like a Pro with iPhone 7’s Bokeh Effect

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The iOS 10.1 will be released in October to supercharge iPhone 7 units with enhanced features. One of these features is the new portrait mode that will enable users to take quality photos. The iOS 10.1 upgrade will make the most out of the iPhone 7’s dual lens camera to produce pictures that have dSLR-like quality.

The dual camera lens and 2x optical zoom features were presented during the international press launch of the iPhone 7. It seems Apple’s innovative take on smartphone photography doesn’t stop there. The public beta version of the iOS 10.1 is now available and will allow users to try out its improved functions and fresh features.

Apple’s Portrait Mode Innovates Digital Photography

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The new portrait mode features the camera using a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens. It’s the similar lens found in the regular iPhone 7, which uses the 12-megapixel telephoto lens to determine visual backgrounds and foregrounds. The real catch here is that you can apply the “bokeh effect” where you can sharpen the subject’s image while blurring the background. This effect is only achieved using an expensive dSLR camera.

The portrait mode works just as fine when taking photos of pets, plants, and other inanimate objects. After you’ve updated to the iOS 10.1 beta, click the camera app then swipe down the menu wheel until you hit Portrait. Capture your subject and follow the instructions on the screen. Adjust your position and move away since it uses the telephoto lens for the foreground, which will make it appear closer compared to a regular camera.

After you capture a pose, you will see a yellow “depth effect” sign appear. Lock in your focus, adjust the brightness, and hit the shutter when you’re all set. You need to be a little patient when using the portrait mode, keep the phone stationary because the image takes a bit longer the process.

Achieving The Bokeh Effect

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The bokeh effect works smoothly in any scenario. You can achieve a more dramatic blur by increasing the depth of the field, which means you need to leave more space between the subject and the background. It produces a higher blur when you come closer to the subject. Make sure that you have decent lighting that covers the subject and avoid overexposed backgrounds.

The camera’s HDR mode saves two copies – one with the depth effect and one without the depth effect. This enables you to check the difference between the two images. If you’re a bit confused determining which is which, click the image and check the one with the “depth effect” tag on the upper left portion. The good thing about Portrait Mode images is that it’s compatible when you share it to other mobile devices aside from Apple devices.

What do you think of the iPhone 7’s Portrait Mode? Will the new camera features enough for you to purchase one?

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