How to enable low power mode on your iOS 9 iPhone

Low Power Mode

Battery is what leaks out quickly from mobile phones and thanks to Apple that keeps on developing and adding new features that are beneficial for phone as well as the user.

One of the iOS 9 feature in iPhone is quite handy and that is its low power mode where it automatically turn itself on when your battery hits 20 or less percent, disabling some of your iPhone’s processor-and-battery-intensive tasks to breathe in more life from your remaining charge until you can get it charged again.

When your iPhone is in Low Power Mode your battery icon turns yellow and you can understand that your phone needs to be charged. Many a times we miss out looking at the battery icon to see whether phone is low in battery. Also no one will waste it time by staring at the battery icon now and then and waiting for it to go low. So though this automatic feature is helpful you can also enable the low power mode feature manually and save more battery specially on travel or on occasions when you are busy in work and need to make more use of phone.

There are many ways to enable it manually.

General Way

It is very easy to enable low power mode in iPhone.

Just go to Settings-Battery- Low power mode and that’s it.

The Siri Way

Many of us love Siri as the Apple assistant is always there to make things easier for us

Just say: “Hey Siri, turn [on/off] Low Power Mode”

At once  your device will enable the battery-saving feature.

3D Touch Way

If you’re on the iOS 9.3 beta and using an Apple device that supports 3D Touch, you can use a 3D Touch shortcut to enable Low Power Mode.

  • Navigate to your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Firmly press on the Settings icon.
  • Select Battery from the list.
  • Enable Low Power Mode.

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