How to buy Bitcoins to play pokies in real time with iPhone?

How to buy Bitcoins with your iPhone to play pokies

Most of the online casino offer pokies for iPhone to play with real cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE and many others. To play pokies in real Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency you need to buy Bitcoins and store them for further use at online casinos or at any other online transaction. Here is how to buy Bitcoins and to play pokies in real time with iPhone.

Buying Bitcoins with iPhone

Bitcoin pokies to play


There are various ways with which you can buy Bitcoins with your iPhone.  To begin first understand that there are many apps that allow you to mine bitcoins but they are not safe to use  as more often they come as malware in disguise. So buy bitcoins you need a genuine bitcoin exchange app or a bitcoin trader like CEX.IO. There are many other apps as well like coinbase where you can exchange your AUD and buy bitcoins.

Also you can get Bitcoins from a Bitcoin ATM. There are several Bitcoin ATMs near you and you can use CoinATMRadar app for this to locate nearest BTC ATM. Buying Bitcoins at ATMs will either produce a paper receipt which works like a slightly more secure version of a bearer bond or it will use a QR code to send the coins to a predetermined destination. The latter can be preferable. Regardless, make sure you’re using a trustworthy Bitcoin ATM before you make any transactions.

Use a Wallet to buy and store Bitcoins. Bitcoin wallets are really a series of private keys used to conduct certain Bitcoin transactions. While Bitcoin wallets can be used to store Bitcoins like a traditional wallet  but they also allow you to buy Bitcoins. At apps stores there are several Bitcoin wallet apps that you can have on your iPhone and buy and store BTCs and other cryptocurrencies with them.

Storing Bitcoins on iPhone

Store Bitcoins

To store bitcoins you can do so at coinbase or with any Aussie friendly wallet like Coinjar, mycryptowallet or cointree. All you need is a verifiable email address to get started.

Many of these wallets allow you buy Bitcoins, as well as store and manage them. You can view the Bitcoin you have, you can transfer the money to your bank, and you can even send Bitcoin money to your friends. These apps even lets you receive alerts for certain price points and can be remotely disabled if your phone is lost or stolen.

When it comes to security and safety Electrum is generally considered to be the best Bitcoin wallet out there. It utilizes a system called “cold storage” which basically means that your transactions don’t leave the marks of being transactions. That makes it much, much harder for thieves to track them. While Electrum doesn’t have an iOS app available, it is accessible via mobile devices.

Selling Bitcoins on your iPhone

Selling Bitcoins

Similarly as you use bitcoin apps to buy them you need to find a best app to sell them. Selling Bitcoins on iPhone tends to be a lot easier than buying or storing them. It’s really just a matter of finding the right app. Apps like Coinbase are trustworthy apps to use when it comes to selling BTCs. There are various other apps like Airbitz or Abra that allows you to sell Bitcoins on your iPhone

Using Bitcoins to play pokies on iPhone

Play pokies with iPhone using BTC

Whether they are pokies, table games or live dealer games at Bitcoins casinos, they  can be played with Bitcoins without any effort. Like you generally play casino games at Australian friendly online casinos in same way you play with Bitcoins. When playing real money pokies simply choose BTC as your mode of payment at Bitcoin casinos. The Bitcoin casinos will convert your bitcoin into their base currency that is AUD and the exchange rate will be boldly displayed in the bank interface on the site.

Although you can’t use a bank account, credit card or cheque, avoiding the conventional banking system means transactions are faster. Using conventional currency, cashouts can take days, and cheque deposits up to a week. Bitcoin transactions are usually complete within minutes. Bitcoin casinos have no transaction costs. All transfers are peer-to-peer, so there are no middlemen to pay. Multi-currency casinos often make charges to deposit or withdraw using a credit card, and the providers themselves may have fees. The same can be true for e-Wallets and banks.

You can buy BTC in AUD dollars here or get the best prices to buy BTC by clicking here

Also visit where Australians exchange Bitcoin into AUD dollars

Also  there are three thousand bitcoin ATMs in Australia. Click here to find BTC ATM near you.

Once you have got Bitcoins on your wallet apps on iPhone now you can use  them  at online casino to play pokies in real time. Simply visit any Aussie friendly casino that allows crytpocurrency deposit method. Type the casino URL on your iPhone safari browser and enter the casino homepage. From there register at the casino by clicking the join now button . Make an initial deposit at the casino banking or cashier page with Bitcoins.

Select Bitcoin as Deposit mode and make a deposit

The minimum deposit varies from casino to casino

It can be s 0.01 mbtc (0.00001 btc) or equal to $0.08 cents and there is no maximum deposit limit

Also you can grab any Bitcoin bonus that the online casino offers you.

Now go to games lobby

Select the pokies game of your choice with your iPhone

When you win playing pokies you get instant wins to your account with Bitcoins.

The minimum withdrawal also varies from casino to casino but is not less than 0.005 btc at many casinos. There is no maximum withdrawal limit.

Before signing up at Bitcoin casinos you should check the following:

  • Bitcoin casinos should be licensed and regulated by authentic gambling commission.
  • The casino should have a provably fair system, and/or uses games from reputable traditional casinos. A provably fair system uses cryptographic techniques to determine the authenticity of a roll and ensure that neither the game, nor the player knows the outcome of a roll prior to the bet.
  • Bitcoin casinos should offer great promotional offers and BTC bonuses.
  • The game play and interface should be user-friendly and can be played with various devices like mobile and tablet.

Now simply go to an BTC exchange to buy Bitcoins and get going to play pokies or to trade and invest the cryptocurrency of your choice.

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