Are you afraid of iPhone Bugs- Here are ways to prevent them

How to prevent iPhone Bugs

iPhone bugs are those issues which pop up when you get a new iOS update on your phone or a certain app is yet in its beta testing and has a problem.  These iOS bugs that puts your data security and privacy at risk. Few months back Apple fixed FaceTime privacy bug.

Though with Apple Bug Reporter, you can submit bug reports and request enhancements to APIs and developer tools, there are other ways which you can do yourself to prevent them from hitting your iPhone. These preventive ways will make you have more active control over your security and privacy on Apple devices including your iPhone.

Never install major versions of iOS on its release date
iOS updates

You should install iOS latest versions to get new features on your iPhone, but it is advised that you can wait for a month or so before you install them. It is because if you install iOS versions on the release date there might be some annoying bugs or patch of security loopholes. Waiting sometime to install also gives Apple, to see if any new exploits or other unfortunate issues pop up. Wait for Apple’s fanatical fanbase to try to find exploits, then install major updates once Apple plugs up the holes.

Don’t beta test Apple’s operating systems

iOS beta

Apple always offers to beta test their updates or apps but this may lead to your iPhone being bitten by bugs. Therefore wait for the full public release and when you are comfortable with the latest you can move forward to install them on your iPhone.

Disable the app which you do not use

App updates

If you are not using a app for long time and it is just sitting idle on your iPhone then better remover it or disable it. Because when Apple released its update your app may strike a new bug. Run through your device’s services and features and find which apps you never use to stop those entry points for potential bugs to appear from no where.

Always read Apple news if you have iPhone

Apple news

Yes this is important advise. Many of us simply buy iphone or ipad and then pay no heed to Apple and its latest news. Set up a Google News alert for “Apple+bug,” or “Apple+exploit,” and stay on top of the latest vulnerabilities for any of your iOS devices. Apple releases its bug news with solutions and how to fix them.

Finally avoid losing your iPhone

iPhone Bugs

We talked of software bugs but also there are human bugs who are ready to steal your iPhone. Though iOS devices are most secure one but  not fully foolproof. This means that if you lose it, don’t assume that Touch or Face ID is enough to keep a dedicated attackeror someone who runs a quick web search at the right time from getting into some aspect of your phone’s contents. Therefore always keep your iphone securely in your possession and don’t be casual in lending it out to any one that may cause harm to your device and to your data.

If your iPhone have been attacked by a software bug then sign in with your Apple ID to access Apple Bug Reporter Make sure to include steps to reproduce the issue and attach any necessary information, such as screenshots and logs. This allows Apple to effectively distribute information to specific teams within Apple. Your submission will be reviewed by Apple engineers and they’ll contact you if they need more information.

Also you can check the status of your bug reports in Apple Bug Reporter. If no resolution has been provided, you may update your report with a status request and Apple will provide any available information.

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