5 Areas Apple Needs to Enhance to Improve the iPhone 7

Apple announced that it will finally unveil the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this week. iPhone fans and Android onlookers will be treated its new features. Apple has now the upper hand advantage in enticing Android fans that are also open to having an iPhone unit, since Samsung recently recalled its Galaxy Note 7.

iPhone 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units have a batter flow which some users reporting to explode, Google also has yet to announce its latest Nexus successors called “Pixel” phones that are expected to be released in October. It puts Apple in perfect position to emphasize the great improved functions and enhanced features that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can offer.

We’ve rounded up 5 areas that Apple needs to enhance to improve its previous version:

1.) Improved Battery Options

It’s a fact that an Android phone’s battery can endure high usage for hours compared to an iPhone that goes tad dark after several hours of use. Apple needs to bolster the batter capacity of the latest iPhone version to sustain longer hours of use. Speaking of battery capacity, a number of Samsung phones actually support native wireless charging. Apple needs to have this function as well or even maybe better.

2.) Enhanced Camera Features

iPhone camera

Android smartphone manufacturers are already employing hardware and software to improve manual control, dominate low-light photography, and more advanced filter options. Apple’s iPhone cameras are the best there is but it needs to showcase a feature that isn’t found in Android devices. Sure, the new Galaxy Note 7 has a batter defect, but Samsung’s other Galaxy phones are way better than the iPhone 6S.

3.) Augmented Storage Capacity

Rumours are flying around that the iPhone 7’s storage can go from 32GB to 256GB. It’s long overdue since the base iPhone just offered a measly 16GB of storage. This amount of storage is barely enough as users use social apps and game apps that will consume a large chunk of memory. Apple needs to improve the storage capacity of the iPhone7 since Android phones are becoming more generous when it comes to storage requirements without microSD storage.

4.) Capitalise on AR and VR Features

Pokemon Go Pikachu

The massive success of Pokémon Go overwhelmed the world with its augmented reality features. Virtual headsets are also becoming more mainstream and before you know it everyone has a VR headset and smartphone hybrid strap on their heads. Google has started to invest in AR with its Daydream platform. Will Apple’s iPhone 7 has a surprise AR feature for us?

5.) Upgrade Personal Recognition

Apple’s Siri might be more popular than Android’s virtual assistant app called Google Now. Let’s make this clear, customers need to be fed by effective smartphone functions and not hyped-up features. Apple popularizes voice commands but Google is continuously improving the function. An upgraded version of Siri will complement the iPhone 7.

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