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Where do you go looking for an app? Obviously to the App Store, right? But there are other search engines to find your best app to have for your iPhone. Though Apple recommends iTunes App Store but many a times there are less alternatives to a particular app and the search becomes difficult.  To get more choices for iPhone apps you will find there are many third party sites to try your luck in searching your favourite app.

If you are an iOS user you almost certainly use the App Store to find the app you want to install on your phone. However the search capablities for the App Store is far from a powerful one. It doesn’t help you find alternatives to the apps that you normally get. For that, there are plenty of third-party sites or tools that you can try.

Here find 10 such app finding search engines to make things easier for you.

1. Appapp


AppApp is a search engine for iTunes App Store. It is free and is designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.  Created by Reason factory this search engine has various categories to search your choice of subject. You can find the price ranges, option to regulate in-app purchases or not, and browse top free apps, top paid apps, top free games and other many of such apps.

2. Find


Find search engine allows you to experience iTunes and AppStpore anywhere from on your iPhone. You can search not only apps but also music, TV shows, books, Mac apps and podcasts. For more specific search just go to the charts page then filter the search whether you wish for a new app, free app or paid app.

3. App Crawler

App Crawler

App Crawler search engine has great filters with which you can sort apps based on relevance, downloads, popularity, what’s trending, and many more.  Its easy to find app based on your objective, feature, topic or audience. The app also helps you find different categories that range from books, business, photos, health, news, music , travel and lots more.

4. AppPicker

App Picker

App Picker is a great search engine where  you will get a list of the best apps for your iPhone.  With daily app of the day featuring a new app and also you get to know reviews and latest updates of the apps that are free or paid. They also offer promo codes to avail a discount if you but an app. Also you can subscribe to their newsletter to keep yourself updated.

5. Appolicious


Appolicious  search engine is simple in format and search for the best application based on the keywords you enter. Also you can filter and sort what you really need and have  the advantage of a filter called “Today’s Picks” that help you see which app has the largest hits on that day.

6. AppsZoom


AppsZoom, you have the option to explore the apps from several categories like utility apps, music, travel, games etc. You can know the prices of apps from the drop down menu and sort by popularity. You can follow AppsZoom in the social media like FB, Twitter and also read latest stories relating to apps.

7. App Shopper

App Shopper

App Shopper  has the largest collection of iPhone apps with more than 1.6 million apps. There is a list of the Top 200 apps in the Top Chart list and if you register yourself as a  member you can organize your apps you have purchased and wishlist to check for prices and updates. In the menu tool bar you can search the categories of the app to locate your popular one or use the search option too.

8. iMore Editors’ Choice

iMore Editor's Choice

iMore Editors’ Choice is the best search engine where you will find huge  gallery displaying the best apps selected and reviewed by the editors over time. You can select the category or name of the editor to display the app you want.  Also the sections are divided according to device compatibility like iPhone, iPad pro, TV iPhone 7 etc. Really makes things easier this way to find app suitable to device.

9. App Annie

App Annie

App Annie if you want to search then you need to register at the site. Basically this is useful for market data and app analytics for app developers. It has great feature such as Top Chart which shows the apps are at the top, while Keyword Ranks and AppDB lets you find keyword matching apps from 1.7 million choices.

10. Apptism


Apptism  search engine boosts of more than 1 million app for your iPhone. As you search you can filter based on category, price, ratings, and the best apps of each category. It also lists the platform  compatibility and that is for sure includes iOS or your iPhone.

Any more app search engine you know please share.

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