10 iPhone Etiquette To Follow At All Times

10 iPhone etiquette to follow at all times

You love your iPhone and boost of its awesome features among your friends and relatives. But do you know that your mobile device demands certain rules or etiquette to follow when you use it. Here are the 10 iPhone etiquette to follow at all times that will surely improve your health and lifestyle.

1. Never answer your iPhone at your dinning table

Yes this is one of the thing you need to keep in mind when sitting at the dinning table. It is equally important according to experts that being courteous in public to both your dining partner and other diners is important. If your phone rings you can try to ignore it unless very important it may seem or you may be waiting for some urgent call of your child or from a business partner. Otherwise refrain it picking while dining and have a peaceful dinner with your loved ones. Same applies whether you are dining at home or at a restaurant.

2. End your phone conversations when at the cashier table

This is one you must have seen many a times. Many women and men keep on chatting on phone when at the cashier table to pay for their purchases in a store. Just because you may not know the cashier doesn’t mean you can keep chatting away while they’re helping you. Unless it’s an emergency, it’s just rude to stay on the phone right in their face. These are the most annoying shopping habits, according to experts.

3. Never shout when talking on the phone

Can you hear me now? If they can’t, maybe you should call them back later. When in public, try not to raise your voice while on the phone. No one else needs to be privy to your conversations—or your arguments. Just watch this bad behaviour done by many of us next time you are strolling in a street.

4. Never text or talk and drive

This is an obvious one. Many countries have laws in place regarding texting and talking on the phone while driving. But it’s a big no-no. These are the warning signs that you could be a mobile phone addict. Therefore avoid this as not only you will be accident prone yourself but also may hit others and hurt them.

5. Avoid texting in work meetings

You don’t want your boss looking up and seeing you texting away and completely ignoring what’s going on. Plus, if you’re the boss, it’s setting a bad example for your workers. Don’t miss these other clear signs you’re a bad listener. Also it seems bad to ignore the people in the meetings and engaging in such iPhone texting.

6. Turn off the phone in places such as a church, clinic, or theater

Many physicians have a sign board at their clinics saying to switch off your iPhone when in the clinic waiting or the doctor. Same can be seen at hospital, temples and churches and even theaters.

There are just certain places where phones should be and often are off-limits. Not only it disturbs others but as an example checking your phone and having it light up in a dark theater—even if you don’t talk, text, or Tweet—is just as rude.

7. Avoiding talking on the phone in a waiting room, but if you must, leave the area first

Waiting rooms can be crowded and noisy—not exactly conducive to a phone call. If you must talk on the phone, then better leave the area so as not to disturb your fellow waiting room occupants. You can also use the text option instead of calling at waiting lounges.

8. Avoiding using a phone on public transportation

On public transportation, people are often stressed, rushing, or exhausted. All they want to do is get where they’re going, not listen to your conversation about your fight with your friend or having a new boy/girl friend. But b courteous when you are in public, enjoy the moment and your friends, but above all be smart about your smartphone manners.

9. Lower your voice when using your phone in public

Like said above as not to shout in public same not only should you not shout, but you should automatically lower your voice. If you don’t want to hear other people’s phone conversations, they definitely don’t want to hear yours either. It is better to decrease the volume of your iPhone and lower your voice so that neither of them is heard.

10. Don’t take call in the middle of a face-to-face conversation

Mobile phones can destroy all your interpersonal dealings and you should not even give the screen a glance while you’re speaking to someone at a party or a dinner. Sometimes it’s best to think of how would you feel if that happened to you? If it would bother you, then you probably shouldn’t do it to someone else. These are other annoying texting habits to avoid. Just think what the other person might think when you suddenly in the middle of conversation with him jump to take a call and start blabbering. If it is important call then ask from the person you are with and excuse yourself for a while rather than picking the call in the middle of something.

Now just remember these iPhone etiquette when you are using your phone next time. These are applicable to all the smartphones or mobile that may use and this will surely improve your lifestyle and enhance your overall personality.

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