iPhone apps to help you find the best flights


With a plethora of airlines and flights spanning the globe, finding the best deals all by yourself has become nearly impossible. Some good free iPhone apps are available that will make your task considerably easier.

Skyscanner is available in 30 languages. This app can link with airlines and travel agents so you can directly buy best-deal flight tickets. The app provides a chart that shows prices for an entire week or month. There are mixed reviews on the last version (the app was last updated 17th of Dec 2015). Some praise its flexibility while others mention a lack of flexibility.

It’s in your browser

Google has a powerful flight search built into its browser, and if your travel plans are open-ended, it’s excellent for exploring your options. If you’re not sure (or you don’t mind) which airport you want to travel to — say you just want the cheapest flight into Europe — Google Flights shows a map that plots out other airports and their prices for the same travel dates. You can click a result for more details, like whether it has in-flight TV, Wi-Fi, and how often it is delayed. Then you can choose the site where you want to actually book and pay the fare.

Hopper provides an overview of when you can get the best deals on flights, and when it’s the best time to purchase them. The app “analyses billions of flight prices daily” so you can save up to 40% on flights. When you search a particular route, the app clearly tells you what the current lowest price available is, whether you should purchase now or wait, and the latest date by which you should book flights. The app also notifies you as soon as prices drop, and when they’re about to go up, thanks to a price predicting feature. If you’ve got some flexibility when it comes to purchasing your tickets, Hopper is an excellent choice for choosing the best deal.

There are many more iPhone flight apps out there, but these days it’s all about comparisons and choices, so the best apps are the ones that compare prices and provide options. Enjoy your flight!

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